Financial Calculators

Simple Loan

Use this calculator to quickly calculate the monthly payment, total amount of interest paid, total paid and cost of points for your loan scenario.

Buyer's Cash Requirements

This calculator estimates the amount of cash required by a homebuyer at the time of closing, the total closing costs as well as the monthly income required and the toal monthly payments. Simultaneously compare up to four different loan scenarios.

Discounted Cash Flow

Discounted cash flow is what someone is willing to pay today in order to receive the anticipated cash flow in future years, or the return you can earn by investing your money elsewhere.

Future Value Spread

This calculator quickly displays the future value of lump sum and periodic savings plans.

Home Sellers Proceeds

Calculate your net gain after your current mortgage(s) have been repaid and taxes, sales commissions and other closing costs involved in your sales transaction have been accounted for.

Loan Spread

Get the big picture on the time value of money! It displays grids of loan amounts, interest rates, terms in months and payment amounts. You can also calculate loan senarios based on variable payment frequencies.

Pay Down Debt or Invest

When you receive some extra money it may be difficult to determine whether you should invest the funds or use them to pay towards liabilities. Financial theory recommends that if your after-tax return on investments is greater than your after-tax cost of debt then you should invest. Use this calculator to help analyze your situation.


Enter information about your current loan and the new loan you're thinking of taking, and we'll calculate your savings.

Rent vs Buy

By calculating the gain or loss achieved by purchasing a property instead of renting it, the Rent vs. Buy Calculator helps determine the net investment value of the purchase. Net Investment value is given as the sum of the rental value of a property plus it appreciation minus the cost of purchasing the property plus the annualized cost of selling it.



Information provided by website calculators is intended for estimating purposes only and should not be taken as a firm payment amount. Accuracy is not guaranteed. Consult a financial professional before borrowing or investing.


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