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Wire Instructions

If You're Receiving an Incoming Wire

MUCFCU uses an intermediary institution for wire services. Have the sender of your wire give his/her bank or financial institution when sending your wire:

For wires coming from U.S. or international financial institutions:

Beneficiary Institution:
Corporate One Federal Credit Union
ABA Routing Number: 244084264

Further Credit To:
Miami University Community Federal Credit Union
ABA Routing Number: 242278878

Final Credit To:
Your Name and MUCFCU Account Number

Most financial institutions charge a small fee for both receiving and sending wires. Both you and your recipient should review these fees before sending a wire.


If You're Sending an Outgoing Wire

You must come in to an MUCFCU branch to send a wire. At this time, wires cannot be originated by phone or email, unless you have made prior arrangements with a Member Service supervisor. Wire services are available at any MUCFCU branch.

When sending a wire, you must bring in your photo ID, as well as the following information for the intended recipient:

  • Recipient's name
  • Recipient's address
  • Recipient's phone number
  • Name of the bank or financial institution receiving the wire
  • Location (at a minimum, city) of the recipient bank/financial institution
  • Recipient's account number at the receiving bank/financial institution
  • ABA Routing Number of the receiving bank/financial institution, if the wire is going to an institution in the U.S.
  • SWIFT Code of the receiving bank/financial institution, if the wire is going to an international institution

Some banks and financial institutions use an intermediary institution for receiving wires, which requires a second Routing Number. Ask your receiving party if his/her financial institution requires a second Routing Number to receive wires.

Most financial institutions charge a fee for both sending and receiving wires. Review all fees before sending a wire, and if necessary, be sure to send enough to cover the receiving institution's fee to receive a wire.


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Certain restrictions may apply to the products and services described above. Contact the credit union for details. MUCFCU is not an entity of Miami University.